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Tax Preparation Prior Year

Tax Preparation Prior Year

Did you forget something? Like filing your taxes!

There are few certainities in life and filing taxes is one of them. There are so many untruths about filing taxes, too many to list. Let me clear up one of them I hear often, You must file your taxes each year, annually, not every three (3) years or every five (5) years. 

This is not a situation to take lightly, failing to file your tax returns is a criminal offense and can greatly affect your finances, with additional fees of penalty and interest. 

Get back in Good Standings with the IRS and restore your Peace of Mind

Let me help you get caught up and restore your peace of mind by becoming and staying compliant with your tax filings! 

Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers.

I'll prepare your annual federal and state tax returns, Let me maximize your tax refund!

What You'll Receive

A tax accountant will review and analyze your annual financial documents ( W2s, 1099s, etc), filing status and personal and dependent information, to advice of the best preparation services for you.

Next, your information will be entered into our current tax filing software, generated and both your federal and state tax return will be filed electronically, ensuring you receive a refund back quicker.

Before Filing your Taxes

We will review your taxes, discuss fees and offer tax advance loans.

After Filing your Taxes

we will discuss tax planning for next year, potential credits and deductions to limit your tax liability and increase your refund.Our services continue until you receive your refund.

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  • Experienced Tax Professional

    Our tax accountant have over 25 years’ experience handling even the most unique tax situations.

  • Maximium Tax Refund

    Every tax filing person has a different tax situation annually. Our goal each year is to get you back the most for your situation

  • Tax Support All Year

    Having a tax accountant on your team gives youv security and support with questions for the entire year, not just tax season.