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Atlanta Accounting Tax Preparation Services , offered by an Accountant & Tax Preparer, turned small business owner and CEO for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
My specialty? Accounting, Bookkeeping, Revenue Generation, Cost Management and Tax Preparation and Planning. To clarify, I record and analyze your daily business transactions, as well as implement processes, procedures and tax regulations, aligned with your goals. Therefore, you will know where your business stands financially each day without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

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Tax Preparation & Planning

Begin with a tax planning session. Your income, expenses, tax credits and deductions all change each year.


We'll record, manage, report, reconcile and analyze your transactions in an accounting software.

Revenue Generation

As a business owner your #1 concern is creating products and services that generation revenue each month.

Business Formation

We'll help you decide the best organization structure for you, because it's the foundation of your company.

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